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Emilia Nylen - Bodyscapes
Wed 7th Nov - Sun 2nd Dec

Emilia Nylen - Bodyscapes

The craft of photography started to interest me as a young teenager in my native Sweden, when I used a film camera for the first time and was able to process the film in my school's dark room. Since then I have progressed by simply taking photographs where ever life would take me; I believe the best way of learning is by doing. In 2011 I started my studies for a degree in Fine Art Photography at the University of Gloucestershire, where I am able to nourish my visual creativity and do what I like the most.


This project is about recording the shape, structure and fabric of the human body. It visually explores the embodiment of the intimate relationship between people and the human anatomy in its purest form. My photographs are made to show part of this bonding and the emotions it creates, displaying my artistic seeing as a parallel dimension. By using alternative processes and an open minded approach I am innovating nude photography and its portraiture qualities.


Wednesday 7th November - Sunday 2nd December

10am - 4pm Monday - Saturday

and on performance evenings.


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