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Play North North North - New International Encounter Video
Wed 9th Oct

North North North - New International Encounter

Set in the wilds of the North Pole, this icy adventure brings together live music, storytelling, projection, physical theatre and a European ensemble – exploring the limits of human endeavour, love, comradeship, and a goulash made of Polar Bear brains…..

In July 1897 three Swedish adventurers set out from Svalbard in the north of Norway, headed for the North Pole in a hydrogen filled balloon. Their aim was to discover new lands, to map the undiscovered Artic and to plant the flag of Sweden at the pole.

At 2:30pm on the 11th July they cut the anchor lines and floated up into the cold arctic air. They were never seen alive again.30 years later their frozen bodies were found in the ice. Their tent and equipment was also preserved along with their diaries and over 50 photographs taken on their trip.

Join NIE on an exhilarating journey into an untold story from one of the worlds last great expanse of wilderness. A journey full of hope and daring do, of frostbite and patriotic songs, of seal meat and sharing a sleeping bag. A dream and a nightmare of the great white north.
Wednesday 9th October at 8pm

£13 (£11)


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