Emily Maguire

Emily Maguire

Best-known for her thought-provoking lyrics, supremely expressive vocals and stunning live performances, Emily Maguire’s songs have been played regularly on Radio 2 and have won her fans across the globe. 

After living in a shack in Australia where she made her first two albums, Emily returned to the UK to tour with American legend Don McLean and make her third album Believer, a ‘masterpiece’ according to Maverick Magazine.  Her much-anticipated fourth album Bird Inside A Cage is followed by her latest album A Bit Of Blue.  A classically-trained multi-instrumentalist, Emily is truly 'a talent to be reckoned with' (R2 Magazine).






In the Studio

Unallocated seating


Friday 23rd March 2018 at 7.30pm


£14 on the door


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