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Joolz Dance

Joolz Dance



Over in The Enchanted Wood
Among the ordinary trees
A very ancient oak tree stands
With magic in its leaves.

At the top, a magic land
That changes with each day
To visit, climb up through the tree
But please don't overstay....

If you are still inside the land
When it moves on its way
It's possible that you might never
Make it home that day.

The tree is home to many folk
Some pixies and some elves
A washerwoman and saucepanman
Who keep much to themselves.

A lady called Moonface lives here too
She has a charming home.
Her friend, an elf named Silky
And a lot of naughty gnomes.

To climb the tree, it's not too hard
The branches, long and wide
To get back down, an easy trip
There is a central slide.

Some local children come and go
Made welcome in the tree
They have adventures, good and bad
But, always home for tea.

So if you're in The Enchanted Wood
Look hard and you may see
Some fairy folk, some children
And the magical Faraway Tree.


Sunday 25th March 2018 at 11.30am and 3.30pm





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