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Spy Cat - Saturday Matinee PG

with Alexandra Neldel, Axel Prahl. 84 mins + trailers.

Chubby house cat Marnie lives with her owner Rosalinde, who spoils her like the baby she never had. Unworldly and naïve, she’s completely unprepared to cope when she’s abandoned far from home by Rosalinde’s scheming brother Paul, and is forced to team up some other animal oddballs – a loudmouth cowardly dog, a neurotic rooster and a donkey (performing in zebra drag) – to survive. Loosely based on a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale, Spy Cat is both a zany adventure story and a sweet and lively account of how friendship can help you overcome even the greatest obstacles. 


Saturday 8th June at 11am


£3 - Under 12s

£14 - Family of 4


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