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The Small Fakers

The UKs No 1 tribute to The Small Faces


The Small Faces are without any shadow of doubt, one of the most sensational British bands of the 1960s, and are as much a part of the soundtrack to the fabbest decade ever as The Beatles, The Stones, The Kinks, The Who, or anyone else for that matter!

Hitting the charts as teenage mods with their very first disc, Whatcha Gonna Do About It, the four diminutive Cockneys went on to release numerous timeless classics including Sha-La-La-La-Lee, Here Come The Nice, Itchycoo Park and Lazy Sunday.

The band are almost as famous for their groundbreaking psychedelic LP Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake, which topped the UK’s album charts in 1968. Released a whole year before The Who’s Tommy, it’s widely regarded as rock’s very first concept album.

While fans of other great 60s bands had tributes to their heroes to see, to recreate the original live experience, The Small Faces were unrepresented. Until 2007 that is, when they got their very own tribute at long last - THE SMALL FAKERS.

The Small Fakers are established in the Premiership of tribute acts. They have built a terrific international reputation for themselves as the ONLY Small Faces tribute band in the WORLD, and have played to sell-out audiences in Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the Republic of Ireland, and all over the UK.

The band have performed with original Small Face Jimmy Winston, who claimed the Fakers were 'much better live than the Small Faces were', and original drummer Kenney Jones - who also played with Rod Stewart and The Faces and The Who - when he joined the band for a rendition of All or Nothing at Hurtwood Park Polo Club in 2012. He also praised the Small Fakers as being 'Really great, absolutely spot on.'

Children, siblings and parents of the original band members have declared themselves Fakers fans too, with Ronnie Lane's older brother Stan even claiming: 'For those who never saw The Small Faces live, The Fakers are as close as you're gonna get.'


Saturday 12th May 2018 at 8pm


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