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Wheely - Saturday Matinee PG

with Ogie Banks, Brock Powell, Gavin Yap, Barbara Goodson, Chris Jai Alex. 90 mins + trailers.

Set in a world where vehicles are citizens, fast-paced animation Wheely sees a plucky underdog cabbie attempt to become king of the road! Constantly on the wrong side of the law, looked down on by elitist luxury cars – even as he falls “bonnet over wheels” in love with one, Italian supermodel Bella di Monetti –young street racer Wheely and his best friend Putt Putt face their most dangerous challenge yet when they’re confronted by an underground car-napping syndicate, led by monster 18-wheeler truck, Kaiser. Can a black and yellow “local zero” rise to the challenge and become a “global hero”? 


Saturday 1st June at 11am


£3 - Under 12s

£14 - Family of 4


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