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The Night Watch

"… a galaxy of string and wind instruments … Dexterity, subtlety, precise timing and a display of flying fingers” ~ Folk West 


The Night Watch have been delighting audiences since 1252 with their panorama of medieval and renaissance instruments, period clothes and period humour. Ian Pittaway plucks and sings and Andy Casserley bows, blows and sings on voices, lutes, crumhorn, gittern, recorders, cittern, rebec, bandora, shawm, and much more.

For this special show they’ll be taking you on a journey through the 12th to the 17th centuries, picking their favourite songs and tunes from each era. 

really great – both Ian & Andy had such great enthusiasm – and communicate it fantastically Lewes Saturday Folk Club  

impressive … plenty of fine singing. The audience just clamoured for more Folk West


In the studio

Unallocated seating


Saturday 1st July 2017 at 8pm


£12 - on the door



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